Available for modeling, acting, creative directing, set design / consultation, model coach and mentor.

Please read in full before making inquiries, thank you!

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With seven years of professional modeling, I will give you a photographing experience like no other. If you want energetic, elegant, poignantly expressive photos that bring that WOW factor you've been looking for, you'll get that and more during our session.

- I prioritize safety (yes, YOU the photographer's safety) and peace of mind by providing references and open, honest communication at all times, If there is a problem, I will come to you first to resolve it instead of making assumptions and turning it into a public cherade. I want to make sure expectations are clear before shooting and that you are comfortable with what will be shot.  

- I'll save you time and energy. I am an active participant in our shoot and do not need any direction if I am left to my devices. Throw me in frame and I will make sure you get good images. My experience means you will spend less time directing poses, creating a concept, telling me what to do, etc and more time focusing on your camera and craft. 

- I am easy going but concise, so you'll have a fun shoot that runs smoothly and ON TIME!

- I take care of my body and my skin so that you have to do as little photoshopping as possible.

- I have a wide variety of wardrobe from vintage ballgowns to smokin' lingerie, as well as a myriad of props to utilize for our shoot. Need a specific makeup look? I do that too.

- Creative freedom is a must! I am willing to get out fo the box, so don't hesitate to throw your wildest dreams of a shoot at me, I might be crazy enough to do it!


My flexible hourly rates are as follows, $150 deposit upon booking. Two hour minimum. This does not include travel compensation or day rates. Please message me if you have any questions! 

~ 40 clothed/implied art reference 50/ nude *email for bundle deals

100 private figure session, inquire for classes

~ 120 portraiture / lifestyle / fashion

~ 150 implied / boudoir

~ 175 nude / fine art / closed leg

~ 200 fetish / erotic / erotic open leg 


If you are contacting me to shoot, I appreciate professional and poignant inquiries. In your message, there are a few details that I look for, if they're available, in making my decision to accept a gig whether it be trade or paid:

~ a brief introduction with links to a portfolio or social media 

~ a rough itinerary of what you would like to shoot, any basic idea of what we would be doing

~ how many hours we would be working

~ please specify if there is video or photos being taken, and if videography is included, what scripts will be used. I do not like surprise video shoots and will likely decline if it's not discussed beforehand

~ what you are providing (wardrobe, mua, etc) and what you need me to bring

~ the when and where, general availability

~ project budget; please tell me if you would like to collaborate or hire me, and what your compensation will be.

~ turn - around time to be expected for photos/media


I require a deposit of my minimum starting rate of $150 for trade shoots. Paid gigs will recieve their deposit at the end of the shoot. This can change if we create a good working relationship. For trade shoots, I'll go over individual circumstances with a basic expectation of all photos returned within a month edited (or unedited with editing permissions), or a minimum of 20 photos if it has a particularly involved editing process or film development. After the photos have been sent out to me, I will send back the deposit. We will discuss the needs of everyone involved in the project to ensure that all collaborators recieve a sufficient amount of the product of their work. If these perameters can't be met after they've been agreed to, I expect the courtesy of prompt and honest notification and we can figure out where to go from there. Proactive communication from start to finish is a facet of my professionalism I highly pride myself in and want to encourage it mutually. 


At this time, I am only working with vaccinated artists with proof of vaccination or test result within the prior three (3) days. Depending on the circumstances of crew size and set, I may ask for masks to be worn. Please help me keep myself safe and able to work, tests are expensive and I would like to keep my stress and spending on this stupid virus at a minimum. 


Get in touch with me here for rates, bookings, or shop inquiries. If you'd like to just chat and get to know me, you can connect with me one on one here!

Thank you for reaching out!


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